Customer-Centric Cost Reduction

Customer-centric cost reduction

Third book in the Customer Strategy series, this one is about how to keep your customers loyal while making major cost reductions

You want your company to perform better. You want to reduce costs. You need to reduce costs. You may even be desperate to reduce costs. But when you reduce costs, customers feel it, right? If you cut costs and lose customers, you will need to cut costs again. And again. Soon there will be nothing left to cut. And no customers.

It does not have to be that way.

It does not matter whether you need to cut costs to have money to invest, or simply because you have a profit crunch. No matter what your reason, it can be done without negative customer impact. Some cost reductions may even improve things for customers, making them more loyal. But how?

The book helps you implement the concept of customer-centric cost reduction. It explains how to accurately identify things of little importance to customers. For most companies, there are lots of them. They fall into just a few categories, each of which needs to be addressed in specific ways.

Imagine a world where you reduce costs faster than your competitors. You wind up with more money to invest in growth than your competitors could ever dream of. You can fund your new ideas. Your competitors can’t. This book explains how to do it.

It also explains how not to do it.

I remember walking along with the head of HP in EMEA. His phone rang. It was the CEO of a large Dutch multinational. He was not happy. They had outsourced their internal PC help desk to us. To reduce cost, we had eliminated Dutch as a supported language. Nobody had told the CEO. He had just phoneD the help desk. He got a nasty surprise. Enough said!

The book is both informative and entertaining. It is accompanied by memorable drawings that drive home many key points. I particularly like the one about the CEO announcing a company-wide travel freeze from the comfort of his corporate jet. (Don’t do this!)

As we say in the book, “There are just 3.5 ways of reducing cost.” You are just one or two clicks from finding out what they are. You know what to do now.

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