Net Promoter – Implement the System

Net Promoter - Implement the System

Second book in the Customer Strategy series, this one is about how to implement the Net Promoter System

You know your company can perform better. You want to make it happen. And fast. Your colleagues and friends seem to have great suggestions. You have lots of ideas. Too many ideas. Which ones will make a difference? The customer research you’re getting is just not delivering the goods. There are lots of improvement methods out there. Too many. You need a better solution, one that’s as credible as it is simple – you need NPS.

I remember this one colleague, a woman who was probably the most intelligent person in the company. But after a particular marketing meeting she was visibly very distressed. “We had measurements on all these factors,” she told me, “but the CEO blew me out of the water.” “Convince me,” he had apparently said to her, “that any of your 40 or so scales actually matter to our largest customers.” Without NPS she had started from the wrong place, and was lucky to keep her job.

“I get it,” a CEO at a different firm told me about NPS. “Finally, there’s one figure that tells me what I really need to know – are we about to grab their customers, or are they about to come for ours?”

The Net Promoter System is the most widely adopted measurement and improvement system on the planet. There is a reason. The reason is its simplicity. It is simple to understand. It is simple to explain. Indeed, there is lots of information about NPS on the web and elsewhere. Too much information.

Which implementation methods work? Which do not? How should you communicate and execute? How can you avoid mistakes others have made? How can you engage customers in your voyage and make them enthusiastic and loyal? How can you move them from saying they will recommend your company to actually doing so?

This book answers these questions and many more. The advice has two qualities: it is full of implementation stories from a recognized expert, and it is accompanied by entertaining drawings from a recognized artist. Maurice implemented NPS when he was VP of Customer Experience at HP. He also manages the largest NPS community on the internet for six months during 2017: The Net Promoter System Forum on LinkedIn with over 23,000 members. Maurice has been a frequent guest on Rob Markey’s Net Promoter System Podcast, with over 10,000 listeners. Peter has a doctorate in cognitive psychology from Oxford, and has exposed his art in three countries.

So here you have it – ‘Net Promoter: Implement the System’ – a straightforward, very readable book. Ask yourself this question (punk*), why would you not want to read a book that could save your job and / or your firm? You are now just a click or two away from all this knowledge. You know what to do next. (Go ahead. Make my day.*)

*Dirty Harry, of course

The paperback version is available on, and I don’t expect to be available elsewhere.

The Kindle version is available in all Amazon stores worldwide. Click on the links below for direct access to some. link

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