Downloads of our own files and links to files, sites and information we believe are important to strategy and customer experience practitioners.


Our downloads

Our research on the relationship between employee and customer satisfaction has been controversial. The PowerPoint presentation is here, and the Excel file with all the data is here. Note there are two sheets in the Excel file. Please read the instructions if you want to change some industries from high- to low-touch or vice-versa.

Here is our fake restaurant survey file, used to test text analysis software. Can you work out what improvements the customers want? This file is in Excel (.XLSX) format. Please use the contact form if you would like us to send it to you in a different format.

Here is a pdf version of the Couples Therapy presentation given at the Satmetrix 2015 Net Promoter Conference in London.

Essential websites

Here is a list of websites we consider to be essential for anyone who works on customer strategy. 

The Net Promoter System website is where Rob Markey and the Bain team keep everyone updated about the Net Promoter System. We consider the podcasts to be essential, and worth subscribing to. Our favorite one with a featured guest is probably episode 20, the one with Horst Schulze, one of the founders of the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain.

Dan Ariely’s website has a nice statement at the top that correctly describes what he does “I do research in behavioral economics and try to describe it in plain language.”

Willie Pietersen is the strategist we admire most. Unlike any other academics whose courses I have followed, he has been the CEO of several major multinational companies. This makes his advice and methodology intensely practical. As a South African native, his views are particularly global. His blog is worth following.

Bruce Temkin is among the most influential customer experience people on the planet. Hi regular composite satisfaction benchmark scores are a reference for many industries.

Recommended reading

Here are some books we consider to be essential reading for customer experience and strategy practitioners. We have used all of these to improve our books and implementation work. It is a short, high-impact list.

  1. Reinventing Strategy, by Willie Pietersen is by far the best strategy book I have ever read, and the only book that I restarted immediately after finishing it the first time.
  2. The Ultimate Question 2.0 by Fred Reichheld, with Rob Markey is the definitive guide to the Net Promoter System.
  3. Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Nobel-winner Daniel Kahneman probably did more to explain behavioural economics to the world than any other book.
  4. Predictably Irrational, by Dan Ariely is an easy read, and an ideal introduction to behavioral economics.
  5. The Effortless Experience by Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman and Rick DeLisi is what we consider to be the reference text on customer-centric service center operations.

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