Kittens! And the Net Promoter System® Quiz – Part 1

Now that you have seen some kittens, it is time for the first in a series of true or false questions about the Net Promoter System. You can look forward to several new questions each week, for about the next seven weeks. The first set is below. A link to the answers follows.

Introductory questions

Decide whether each of these statements is true or false. Note your answers, then click on the link to check them.

  1. The answers to “How likely are you to recommend [Company] to a friend were found to be the best predictors of future revenue trends among all the questions tested by Fred Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review article The One Number You Need to Grow.
  2. The answers to the “How likely are you to recommend [Company] to a friend were found to be the best growth predictors for all industries tested, in the same HBR article.
  3. The Net Promoter Score scale must start at zero and go to ten. All other scales are invalid.
  4. Reichheld’s research showed that customer behaviors really do change depending on their classification as Promoters, Passives or Detractors.
  5. The definitive reference source for the Net Promoter System is The Ultimate Question 2.0, and no other information on the design and implementation is available from Reichheld and Markey.

Once you have decided on your answers, click here.

Feel free to disagree and debate the answers in the comments section below the answers. The next quiz questions will be the first of three sets on how to make NPS into a ‘reliable, trusted metric’, a key element in the Bain Net Promoter System Framework shown below.

Bain Net Promoter System Framework