“So Happy Here”

Announcing our latest book! It takes most of the cartoons from our three previous books, adds dashes of color and salts it all with some extra absurdity.

The Kindle version is here: USUK. Price is $8.99.

Dare we say what fine Xmas presents copies would make? To explain further…

Nothing could be simpler. I have something you want, and you’ll pay for it. We do the exchange and walk away happy.

If only. Does business always go as planned? Or are there these random components – humans, if you will – whose nature seems to drive them – us, if you will – to make the simple complex and the easy absurd? If this description sounds like where you work, who you work with, or simply the voice at the other end of the line, then this is the book for you.

You like a good joke. We all do, especially if it’s got that little twist of cleverness, a way of turning things around or even on their heads, of finding the ironic heart in an everyday transaction. Look no further!

But steady! Who says you can have this book? No! You have work to do, you’re a serious, upstanding member of society who spurns all tosh and trivia, unless … yes, you’re almost there … unless it’s educational, uplifting of your mental powers, leading you onward, forward, blah blah blah, goddam it, you can have the book because we have smuggled in some real, proper, business thought, about customer experience and behavioral economics and such (sneaky, huh?), so you can calmly split your sides and all the while be honing your great mind.

But share! If you have the intellect to choose these humble pages and yet soar above them, let others know, send them copies so that they may count you among the wisest. And the soul of wit to boot.

But steady once more! How many pages does this ‘book’ have. Oh, 101? And who are these jumped-up jackos? They’ve brought out three books on management and customer experience? “In that case, it sounds worthy of my money,” you say, “continue!”

Etc. Buy and read. We know you’ll like it.

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