#37 New NPS Podcast, Communication tips, new cartoon book


Welcome to the 37th edition of my customer strategy newsletter. The five topics this week are:

  1. New Net Promoter System Podcast – Rallying teams around Net Promoter
  2. Some interesting lessons for presenting over the phone 
  3. Latest blog posts
  4. Notable items from other sites – Forrester and Blake Morgan
  5. Looking forward – New book!

New Net Promoter System Podcast – Rallying teams around Net Promoter

I believe this was my sixth podcast with Rob Markey of Bain. It is shorter than many of the others, at just over 20 minutes, and I think you will like it.

We cover questions people have asked and provide advice about how to engage upwards and downwards. By this I mean engaging everyone in an organization, from senior leaders to front-line employees. It’s difficult and few companies do it well.

Here is how we summarized it on the website: “Building internal support for a fledgling Net Promoter System can be one of the biggest challenges of getting such an effort off the ground. It requires leaders to not only have a strong grasp of loyalty economics and the company’s strategy, but the softer skills necessary to inspire and teach employees to do the right thing for customers.” You can find the podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, as well as on the Net Promoter System Podcast website here

Some interesting lessons in presenting over the phone

I presented at an Association for Service Managers event in Germany last week. There were about fifty people in the room. One of the other presenters (Mike FitzGerald – no relation mikefitzger@gmail.com) gave a one-hour session on advanced presentation skills. I have attended a number of such courses over the years, and learned some new things this time.

Among many other things, Mike provided useful tips for presenting over the phone, when nobody can see you. I have already put them into practice, and feel they are making a difference. Of course, I can’t work out how to test this scientifically. Ideas welcome.

The two things I retained were (1) to sit at the edge of my seat during a call. First it makes me more attentive, and second, my voice is less relaxed than if I were just leaning back in my chair. (2) I now feel free to walk around, gesticulate and otherwise perform as though I were in front of an audience. I tried this in a call yesterday, and felt full of energy. I hope that energy came across at the other end. Anyway, if you try either of these, please let me know what you think. Other tips for teleconferences are welcome too. The main thing I do other than writing is one-hour coaching sessions over the phone, to teams and individuals.


Our latest blog posts

Here are the latest posts. Older posts are still available on the blog page.

image What B2B customers and resellers want – A perspective that goes beyond research

While I have been pushing a scientific approach to building and implementing a customer experience strategy for a long time, let’s put that aside for a moment. After working on customer experience since 1981, here are some things I believe B2B customers want, and that you won’t discover directly from your customer research.

image OK, so I have my NPS or CSAT score. Is it good or bad?

The short answer is… it depends. It is difficult to interpret a first score, but it can be done. Read on for more

image Behavioral Economics and Smoking for 11-year-olds

A story about how an innovative teacher effectively stopped my junior high school class wanting to smoke. I still shudder when I remember it…

Notable customer experience items from other sites

Forrester: CX Quality Worsened in 2017

BForrester publishes a customer experience index for a variety of countries. The overal report for the USA came out recently. They cover 314 brands, and twice as many declined since 2016 as gained.

For details, they invite you to sign up for a free on-demand webinar. You can read the summary here.

Blake Morgan: The difference between customer experience and user experience

Blake Morgan is a popular blogger, writer, and speaker. In this short article, she clarifies the difference between customer experience and user experience. I am surprised how often the two terms are confused, and find Blake’s explanation to be both clear and simple. You can find it here.


Looking forward

My brother (Peter) has decided to publish a book of business drawings that includes what he has prepared for our three books and for a number of my blog posts. I expect the book to go live on Amazon within the next three days. This, and of course all of our books are great presents for your teams or yourselves, for Sinterklaas, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s Day… (The drawing below is about the dangers of centralizing some procurement work, but not all. All drawings are commented and given context in the book.)

Centralizing procurement

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