#59 CEM Group on LinkedIn, Is my NPS or CSAT score any good? Infographics on journey mapping and on customer loyalty


Customer Experience Management LinkedIn group. FAQ: Is my NPS or CSAT score any good? Welcome to the 59th edition of my customer strategy newsletter. The five topics this week are:

  1. Now managing the Customer Experience Management group on LinkedIn
  2. Some thoughts on whether a particular NPS or CSAT score is good or not
  3. Latest blog posts
  4. Notable items from other sites – Infographic on journey mapping, and one on customer loyalty
  5. Looking forward – CEM group, and GDPR
Now managing the Customer Experience Management group on LinkedIn

Last week Axel Schultze (the owner) asked me to help with the management of the LinkedIn CEM group. As I write this, the group has about 97,600 members, with new membership requests arriving every day. The group content is not as interesting as it should be. I would like to do something about that, and your input would be most welcome.

First, I note that members almost never ask any questions about anything. I find this surprising. I asked a question about GDPR and the management of mailing lists last week and did at least get some useful input. The membership list is long, so it should be possible to find deep expertise on almost any topic.

Most of the content is simply links to other websites, with covering notes. The linked articles are often interesting, though the covering notes usually do not do a great job of explaining why a customer experience professional should bother reading them. Linking to other sites is inevitable, as the LinkedIn group interface does not allow you to write long articles directly in a group. And job openings are posted reasonably regularly.

Spam is not a major concern. When I see it, I delete it instantly. Among other factors, I consider a link posted without a covering note to be spam.

One of my early ideas is to ‘feature’ any article that attracts a discussion. ‘Featuring’ means locking the article at the top of the list. I can only lock one article at a time, so don’t want to lock anything for more than two or three days at a time. Anyway, your ideas about how to make the it all more interesting and useful would be most welcome. The CEM group is here.

Frequently Asked Question: Is my NPS or CSAT score any good?

I have been reflecting on one aspect of the question of the ‘goodness’ of any CX score. For once, my comments and suggestions are not going to be about methodology. I have simply been asking myself why scores in some industries are consistently low. Let’s use the Temkin graphic for NPS by industry in 2017 as an example…

Let’s think about the nature of the businesses at the top of the list compared to those at the bottom. Can an electricity supplier make you happy? I don’t think so. I believe we only notice our utility, TV and internet service providers when things go wrong. Otherwise, they are invisible, just doing their thing in the background. This is not the case for most of the industries at the top of the diagram. They really can make us smile.

What do you think? If you agree, the only conclusion possible is that the people at the bottom of the list are there not because they are doing a bad job, but simply because we don’t notice them most of the time.


Our latest blog posts

Here are the latest posts. Older posts are still available on the blog page.

image A legendary Mark Hurd speech to HP employees in Israel

Mark Hurd is CEO of Oracle and was CEO of HP before that. While at HP, he made many speeches about cost. His general philosophy was best illustrated by my favorite event; his speech to all employees in Israel. It was broadcast to the entire company, coming shortly after the company acquired EDS…

image The start of a long story: How I learned about ‘customer-centric cost reduction’.

Such a contrast I was looking out my office window near Charles de Gaulle airport in 1982. The phone rang just as I was watching Concorde take off on its daily run to New York…

image How do you know whether your latest relationship survey score is better than your last one?

This is not a stupid question! Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to an LA-based reader and head of customer experience for a very large company. He had his latest research results, and there had been a slight decline in scores, despite improvements he knew they had made.

Notable customer experience items from other sites

David Jacques: Infographic: How to do effective journey mapping

David is from Québec and has been living in Hong Kong for a long time. He is well known as a thought leader, both locally and internationally. He is a fan of customer journey mapping and has recently created the best infographic I have seen on the topic. The diagrams are beautiful and the explanations are clear. Highly recommended if you are going to start a journey mapping process. 

Get it here.

Brendan Gannon on PR Daily: Infographic – Why you should show loyal customers some love

And since we are talking about infographics, here is another one. This time it provides 20 interesting statistics about customer loyalty. You may find them useful for your own presentations. Sources are listed just below the infographic. You can find the article here.


Looking forward

The main thing I expect to do in the coming days is to implement whatever suggestions I receive on how to improve the CEM group on LinkedIn.

I mentioned the new EU General Data Protection Regulation two weeks ago. If you feel like reading it, here is a link to the English version of the new law. After reading it and some dialog with others, I now believe the rules for email address lists for companies based outside the EU to mean the following for me: since I do not track your behavior and I do not directly try to sell you anything in my newsletters and don’t any eCommerce ability, I am not affected by the new regulations at all. If any reader thinks otherwise, please let me know, ideally after reading the actual regulation, rather than someone’s opinion about it.

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