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Maurice FitzGerald, experienced communicator on Customer Strategy

A great speaker and trainer for your events, meetings and podcasts, Maurice has given keynotes to audiences from 20 to 1500 people, and trained groups of 10 to 80 on strategy and customer experience. Here are some examples of speaking engagements Maurice has done in the past:

In March 2019, he spoke at the CustomerGauge Monetize! event in Amsterdam where he was the top-rated speaker. Here is a link to a complete video recording of his speech:


Maurice was also a speaker at the Satmetrix 2015 Net Promoter Conference in London. Attendees were asked whether they would recommend each speaker, and Maurice had a Net Promoter Score of 67, compared to the conference average of 44. His subject was “How to stay married – to your customers of course.” You can find the principles behind this talk in our blog.

Maurice spoke at the World Trade Organization meeting on the renewal of the global IT trade agreement, and at the Progressive Policy Institute’s Rome conference on data privacy, where he concentrated on customer data.

He has spoken at several major direct investment conferences, and has been seen on TV in places as diverse as Lithuania and China.

Some possible speaking ideas are below.

Event speaking ideas

Does employee satisfaction drive customer satisfaction?

Surprisingly, the answer is “not really”. This speech used American Customer Satisfaction Index data and compares it to Glassdoor.com data on employee satisfaction. It demonstrates that there is only a weak relationship between employee and customer happiness. There is some variation by industry. Since the speech demonstrates something that is opposite to what most people believe, it is provocative, and tends to attract a lot of interaction.

How to select text analysis software

Modern short surveys usually ask questions that require the respondent to write something down. For patient satisfaction surveys, questions like “How functional is your hip after your replacement surgery two months ago.” For customer satisfaction research, the text usually provides a reason for a rating, or an improvement suggestion. This particular speech sets out criteria for selecting text analytic software and talks the audience through a real-world example. Analytic software is constantly changing, but the selection criteria are universal.

How to stay married to your customers

This speech uses a ‘couples’ metaphor to explain a fundamental difference between B2B and B2C. In B2C, customers who don’t like you leave. In B2B, customers who complain get lots of attention, stay, and bring you low margins. Just like human couples, the B2B customers who leave are those who are in “the deadly zone of mutual indifference.” This provocative speech is backed by strong research.

Podcast example

Net Promoter System Podcast

Maurice recorded episode 76 of the Bain Net Promoter System Podcast series with Rob Markey in April 2016. To listen to it, click on the link below, then scroll down to episode 76. This episode includes Maurice’s explanation of the differences he sees between B2B and B2C customers, using his ‘couples’ metaphor.


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