Privacy and cookies

E-mail addresses (when you sign up to receive the newsletter)

We will not share your contact info.


Cookies make your visit to the site smoother – but we don’t collect any personal information about you by means of those cookies.


If you contact us using the Contact page we get the e-mail address you entered on the form, but will only use it for contacting you back.

Analytics etc.

The site uses Google Analytics as an aid to see how the site is performing, what pages get the most visits, etc. Google Analytics uses a user’s IP address (which looks something like ‘’) to count visits and visitors. This IP address is anonymous as far as is concerned, and we get no information identifying users from Analytics. If you are logged in on Chrome, Google will be tracking your behaviour from site to site and page to page. The same applies for Facebook on any page that has a Facebook button.

All websites are required to keep logs of site activity, and these logs are held on the server of the hosting service. The information held includes IP addresses.

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