A Puppy! And the Net Promoter System® Quiz – Part 5 – Feedback, improvement, teams

And here is another puppy photo! Enjoy. And of course, it is time for the fifth in a series of true or false questions about the Net Promoter System. There will be one final batch of questions next week. A link to the answers follows below the questions. The questions are all learning checks at the end of chapters in our book Net Promoter – Implement the System. The first two questions below come after the chapter titled Feedback, learning and improvement. Questions 3 and 4 are after the chapter on Robust Operational and analytic infrastructure.

Questions about the improvement process, as well as the CX reporting line and infrastructure

Decide whether each of these statements is true or false. Note your answers, then click on the link to check them.

  1. The Inner Loop is where you follow up with customers on individual feedback items. The Outer Loop is where you work across departments on feedback that has come from many customers.
  2. All common customer improvement suggestions are equally important. You should staff up to work on as many as you can afford to.
  3. Customer Experience is clearly a part of brand marketing and the customer experience leader should always report to the Marketing leader.
  4. Humans are currently the best single solution for evaluating and prioritizing verbatim responses to surveys.

Once you have decided on your answers, click here.

Feel free to disagree and debate the answers in the comments section below the answers.

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