#28 – NPS research and quiz


Welcome to the 28th edition of my customer strategy newsletter. The five topics this week are:

  1. Please respond to research about NPS text analysis
  2. Full Net Promoter System quiz now online 
  3. Latest blog posts
  4. Notable items from other sites
  5. Looking forward

Primary research about answers to open survey questions

If you include open questions in customer surveys, they provide interesting insights into what customers are thinking. Customers take time to respond, but do companies honor that by taking time to understand all the input? The simple answer is that I don’t know. I would like to find out. To this end, I have put together a simple survey that should take less than two minutes to compete. (I am not exaggerating.)

There are two ‘mandatory’ questions and two optional ones. The first mandatory one just asks what size of company you are working for. It is acceptable for consultants or software companies to reply on behalf of a single customer too. It is also OK if more than one person replies for one company, so don’t worry about that. The second mandatory question is shown here and is the core piece of data:

NPS survey

After that, you have the choice of suggesting what an ideal way of handling text input would be. You can also choose to supply your email address to participate in a draw for a free copy of our book Net Promoter – Implement the System. All responses are anonymous. I will share the results and data set with everyone. Please help with this effort. I think we can all learn something from it. The short survey is here.


The full 29-question Net Promoter System quiz is now online

I posted the final instalment and full quiz on Tuesday here. Have fun with it, and let me know if you disagree with any of the answers. Some may be tricky to understand if you have not read our NPS book.


Our latest blog posts

Here are the latest posts. Older posts are still available on the blog page.

image Net Promoter System® Quiz – Final part, and full quiz

Here is the full Net Promoter System true/false quiz. How much do you actually know about NPS? Now is the time to find out.

image A Puppy! And the Net Promoter System® Quiz – Part 5 – Feedback, improvement, teams

Another puppy photo. Enjoy. And of course, it is time for the fifth in a series of six true/false quizzes about the Net Promoter System. How are you doing so far?

image A Puppy! And the Net Promoter System® Quiz – Part 4 – Your CFO is Your Ally

This quiz concentrates on financial aspects of the Net Promoter System. It comes after a book chapter that emphasizes the need to work with your finance team to ensure the numbers make sense.

Notable customer experience items from other sites

‘Why 2018 will mark the end of customer silos’ – Really?

I am including this article just to point out how much I disagree with it. ‘Silo’ is an emotional word. The Marketing Daily article is written by Steve Kerho. He starts of by stating that “Organizational silos are a blight on corporate America.” ‘Silo’ is just the word you use to describe a team, business unit or organizational focus area you disagree with. You cannot succeed in any business area without a dedicated team that works on it. What I may call a business unit, others may call a silo. The article is here.

Interesting article on packaging inserts

I have occasionally been pleasantly surprised by stores adding some free sample or gift into the package when I buy something. The first time I read an article on the subject as a tactic for improving customer loyalty was earlier today.  Worth reading on Fincyte.com here.


Looking forward

I will probably leave the NPS-related survey open for another week. I look forward to learning what everyone is doing and sharing it all with you.

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