A Kitten! And the Net Promoter System® Quiz – Part 3 – Survey Design

Now that you have seen another kitten, it is time for the third in a series of true or false questions about the Net Promoter System. You can look forward to several new questions each week, for about the next five weeks. A link to the answers follows below the questions. The questions are all learning checks at the end of chapters in our book Net Promoter – Implement the System. The book has three chapters on how to ensure that NPS is a ‘reliable, trusted currency / metric’, which is why you will see three parts to the quiz questions on the topic. This second set is about survey design.

Questions about NPS as a ‘Reliable, trusted currency / metric’ – Part 2 – Survey Design

Decide whether each of these statements is true or false. Note your answers, then click on the link to check them.

  1. Even the font you use in an email asking customers to take a survey can make a big difference.
  2. To make sure you are doing a good job, you should always send a survey request to every customer who phones your service center.
  3. Embedding at least the rating question in a survey request email improves response rates by about 2.5 times.
  4. Culture makes no difference to survey responses, so it is always fair to compare countries’ NPS performance with each other.
  5. Low survey response rates tend to give overly optimistic NPS scores.
  6. The more questions there are in your survey, the more likely people are to complete the survey, as it is clearer that you value their opinions.

Once you have decided on your answers, click here.

Feel free to disagree and debate the answers in the comments section below the answers. The next set of questions on the ‘reliable trusted’ topic will relate to making your CFO into a key ally.

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