Net Promoter Open Question Analysis – Survey Results

Thanks to those who have taken the survey on analysis of open-ended questions. I would like to summarize what I have seen, provide a link to the results, and invite anyone who wishes to do so to analyze the answers to the open-ended questions.

Summary of answers received so far:

In round terms, a quarter of you use some sort of automated solution to analyze text responses. Half of you simply read the responses. Here is a chart that shows what all 131 people who answered said they do with the responses:


So, does this change for larger companies? Not much. Here is a breakdown of the responses from the 86 companies with 500 or more employees:


Download the survey file

The full survey file is available in Excel format on my OneDrive here. It is mainly just the SurveyMonkey output file. However, I have removed the first few columns (which include IP addresses) and the column that contains the email addresses of those who asked me to email them the survey file.

You can of course move the graph to see what is under it. To make it easier for you to analyze the verbatim answers, I have copied the answers to the ‘Other’ question to row 146 and the answers to the ‘Ideal solution’ question to row 178.

Invitation to analyze

I would now like to invite anyone who has a text analysis solution to us it on the two sets of verbatim answers. I have only done this manually, and don’t want to bias anyone by saying what I have found. If you use an automated solution, please indicate whether any manual intervention (such as tagging) was required.


While some companies use automated solutions, they do not currently seem compelling enough for everyone to adopt. I believe that is changing rapidly. Let’s see if any companies can provide useful automated analysis of the responses to this short survey.