Most-read articles in 2017

Greetings everyone, and my best wishes for a happy 2018!

I started my website and blog on January 1st 2017. As this is my last message to you for this year, I thought I would let you know which of my blog posts and LinkedIn articles have been read and shared the most. If you have missed any of them, what can I say? Perhaps they could be good sources of professional resolutions for the new year. Anyway, here are my top five blog posts, and the article I wrote on LinkedIn that has been read the most:

(Drum roll…)

And in first place, with thousands of reads, and almost double the total of the second place item…

(Drum roll…)

The most read post of 2017 is…

Journey mapping – Use with care, if at all

I have to say that I was surprised to see this one as the most popular. The post that required the most work finished third. Anyway, here are the posts that finished in second to fifth places:

Here is how to think about the work of the customer experience leader or Chief Customer Officer

Does employee satisfaction drive customer satisfaction? In general… no!

The main customer experience measurement and improvement systems – Part 3 – Customer Effort Score

Customer relationship research / surveys for B2B – First of three articles

As you can see, this is a diverse list. My most popular article on LinkedIn was not about customer experience, so I did not blog about it on my own site. I took the dangerous step of providing career advice that nobody had requested:

Career Advice – Don’t work for a cost reduction company

If you read the LinkedIn article, I would urge you to read the comments too.

Thank you

Thank you again for reading our books, newsletters and blogs. I wish you a happy new year, in advance, and want to remind most of you that you are supposed to be on holiday / vacation. Here is a drawing from our book of business cartoons to help motivate you to get back to your families and friends.

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