NPS (37) – Where do I start? – Conclusion and quiz – 37th and final article in a series on the Net Promoter System®

Welcome to the 37th article in my series on the Net Promoter Score and System. This is the last one in my extensive series based on my interpretation and use of the Bain Net Promoter System Framework.

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Assessing your current state

You almost certainly have something in place today. Getting a free, basic, objective view of how good it is is not all that difficult. Take the free Bain assessment that you will find in the Resources menu on the web page. It is hosted by Qualtrics, and you should answer at the level of an individual business in a large company with multiple businesses. When you take the survey, you receive a color-coded assessment of your progress in each of the five areas of the NPS framework. The summary below is a screen capture made while I completed an assessment for a client company. The assessment is updated from time to time so what you see may differ.

Bain NPS self-assessment summary


The Net Promoter System is simple in principle, and sophisticated in practice. Success requires all five elements of the framework to be implemented comprehensively and to be communicated clearly. As it is the most successful customer experience improvement system on the planet, a lot of advice is available. The quality is variable, and a substantial part of the advice comes from people who are trying to sell proprietary solutions. Advice suggesting NPS is not a good system tends to come from people selling an alternative.

I have used a lot of different systems over my career, and feel my views are unbiased. Yes, it is possible to come up with more complex metrics that are better revenue predictors. Yes, it is possible to come up with different improvement methodologies that are equivalent to the framework developed by Bain and used for this book. I believe the relative simplicity of both the metric and the framework make the Net Promoter System far easier to communicate, and therefore far easier to implement, than any other system I have seen. I hope the advice and experience I have shared here will accelerate your implementation journey.

Test your knowledge

Why not try my NPS true/false quiz? You can find it here and there is a link to the answers at the bottom of that page.


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